height: 1.85 m
diameter: 2.20 m
colour: Colourbond® range
price: $2,145 (above ground) $3,080 (below ground)
3,000 Lt Slimline
height: 2.10 m
length: 2.00 m
width: 0.80 m
colour: Colourbond® range
price: $2,420 (above ground)
5,000 Lt Cylindrical
height: 1.50 m
length: 4.00 m
width: 1.50 m
colour: Colourbond® range
price: $3,245 (above or below ground)
Striking Distance
2/82 Enterprise Street
Kunda Park Queensland 4556
+61 7 5476 8699
+61 (0)418 451 257
+61 7 5445 3278
Striking tanks are compliant with AS2070 and AS4020 for contact with water and food, meaning that no taste or odours are imparted.

Constructed from Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) a Striking Tank is long lasting, corrosion resistant and not affected by chemicals or moisture.

Striking Tanks are UV stabilised, there is no light penetration and no algae growth.

All Striking Tanks are resistant to fluctuations in temperature.

Our range includes 3,000 litre slimline tanks, as well as 5,000 and 10,000 litre round and cylindrical tanks suitable for above ground and below ground applications.

All tanks are available in the full Colourbond ® range of colours.