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The Striking Team
55 years in the electrical industry and building industries and heavily involved in the local property development and investment industry, Ken is semi-retired and a Managing Director of Striking Distance.

20 years experience in the building and construction industry. Projects ranging form medium density dwellings and domestic housing through to commercial buildings, medium sized shopping centres and high rise works.

16 years experience in composite manufacturing producing Olympic kayaks, paddles and surf skis, tables, solar roof panels, water tanks, automotive components, wind generators, non-conductive meter boxes and heavy duty machinery and truck parts for the mining industry.

25 years in the composite manufacturing industry producing luxury boats, surfboards, rainwater tanks and automotive components. Jeff is an expert mould manufacturer, chopper gun operator and injection mould operator.
Striking Distance
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Kunda Park Queensland 4556
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Striking Distance a Sunshine Coast based company, has been producing fibreglass composite products for over 15 years and operates two of the most modern factories anywhere in Australia.

With the introduction of the English designed process known as Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer (VARTM), Striking Distance became on the Queensland's first composite fibreglass factories to receive a full Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) license.

Other methods of production used include hand laying, chopper gun and vacuum bagging, however, the VARTM process remains our core practice as it produces parts of exceptional quality and finish.

Besides the Fibrebase Modular Flooring system, Striking Distance manufactures a wide variety of products including rainwater tanks, roof panels, automotive parts, Olympic kayaks and non- conductive meter boxes.
Telephone: +61 7 5476 8699
E-mail: info@strikingdistance.com.au